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Louisiana Pet Crematory

Private & Communal Pet Cremation

24/7 Home Pickup Service

We are available 24 hours a day upon request for home retrieval of your pet’s remains. Please contact us at (337) 330-2460 to make arrangements.

Private Cremation

For a private cremation, the pet is identified using a stainless steel ID tag containing a unique identification number, The pet is then cremated alone and once completed the ashes are returned to the owner using our standard wooden urn embellished with a metal-finished nameplate. Prior to cremation, an ink print will be taken from the paw of the pet and then scanned and printed out to return alongside the ashes. A digital nose print comes with private cremation at no additional charge.

Communal Cremation

For a communal cremation, the pet will be cremated along with other pets and ashes will not be returned.

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