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We are available any time we are needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (337) 330-2460 with any questions or to arrange service for your pet’s final care.

For the private cremation pets are cremated alone in the chamber, this assures that the owner is getting only their pet’s ashes back when the process is completed.

For communal cremations the pets are then cremated with other pets and upon completion the ashes are respectfully dispersed by the staff of Louisiana Pet Crematory.

There is a great deal of trust involved during the pet cremation process. We try to provide peace of mind during our process by having a multi step identification process for all pets in our care. This includes ID tags that are placed upon the pet once they are received by our staff. This individual identification tag remains with the pet throughout the entire process and is then returned along with the ashes to the owner. For owner’s who prefer to witness the cremation we offer the option to witness in person or via video at no additional charge.

We strive to provide whatever the pet owner requires to be comfortable with the service provided.

As a pet owner it is your right to choose who handles the final care of your pet, and also be as informed about the process as possible. If you would prefer to use our service over the one provided by your veterinarian you would just need to contact our office to arrange the pick up of your pet from the veterinary office. We provide complimentary pick up from any veterinary office within a 50 mile radius. Then you would just let your veterinarian know that you have already arranged final care with Louisiana Pet Crematory.

This will depend upon our current queue of pets waiting. On average you can expect your pet’s ashes back within a week of the being received at Louisiana Pet Crematory.

The staff of Louisiana Pet Crematory are available 7 days a week, by appointment. You can bring your pet directly to us, or we offer home pick up services within 50 miles for an additional fee. Just call and we will guide you through the process.